I get a bee in my bonnet about obtaining certain wardrobe items. I hunt around for ages, often years, until the perfect option pops up. My hunts are vigorous when my need is time sensitive, but often they aren’t. I keep a mental list of the items in the back of my mind and even if they aren’t always at the top of my shopping list, I don’t forget about them. More often than not I eventually end up nabbing exactly what I want.

Here are recent examples of items I’ve crossed off my shopping list after a long wait:

  • Flat black over the knee boots: I waited 2 years for these because my feet are fussy and my calves on the narrow side. Then my dream pair by Stuart Weitzman appeared at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I grabbed them at pre-selections before you could say Bobs your uncle. They are perfect in every way and I can see them becoming wardrobe work horses.
  • Black Tuxedo jacket: I waited a year for a style with the tiniest bit of sheen, lots of stretch and the perfect fit. A cropped Theory tuxedo jacket called my name at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I think I got the last one in my size. I’m going to wear it with everything – from Converse sneakers to cocktail dresses.
  • Flat oxford shoes: I also waited over a year before getting these because none of the available oxfords satisfied my need for comfortable fast walking shoes. That is, until the Fitzwell Justice beauties came my way. I already want to wear them with everything.

I’m an impatient person my nature, but I am patient when it comes to filling the gaps in my wardrobe with the right item. As desperate as I was for the perfect tuxedo jacket last year – I just had to do without because nothing was quite right. Now I’ll be making up for lost time.

It does take discipline though. Sometimes it feels like the clock is ticking on that latest trend and the pressure is on to be a part of it. But this doesn’t change the fact that clothes are expensive and when an item isn’t perfect, it isn’t worth it. One compromise leads to another and pretty soon you have a wardrobe full of mediocre items, or even orphans.

Are you patient when it comes to finding the right items for your wardrobe? How long will you wait before you lose interest?