Renata Top OutfitThe 2008 Spring and Summer Mom-on-the-go (MOTG) formulas are still very much in style. Formula #1 was about walk shorts and clamdiggers, formula #2 was about skirts, and formula #3 was about frocks.

These original MOTG formulas are easy to action and between the three looks, there are plenty of outfit options to get you through a season. But if you fancy pushing your fashion envelope, watch how tweaking the formulas by adding a little creative edge will refresh the vibe.

I’m kicking off with formula #4 which takes skirt formula #2 a little further. I was bored with my denim skirts last year and started adding cropped black leggings into the outfit mix to change things up. Wearing denim skirts WITH leggings is the only way I could prevent the skirts from being orphaned so I’m glad that I stumbled across the pairing.

If you are bored with your denim skirts, this could make a great casual wear formula for you too.

While I was working on this post, fabulous Renata posted the accompanying pictures on our forum. Perfect timing! She nailed the formula and is much more compelling than a polyvore illustration. So be sure to look over her outfits in detail. I’m sure she will answer any questions you have about her outfits in the forum or in the comments below.

First the formula:

Denim skirt + cropped leggings + top + optional second layer + sandals

Here are the components in more detail:

  • Denim Skirt: A straight pencil silhouette that hits just above the knee is ideal because it works best with leggings. Choose any wash. A-line denim skirts will also work but pencil silhouettes are easier to style with tops.
  • Cropped leggings: I’m a purest when it comes to leggings and prefer black to any other shade. So I vote black leggings above all other colours. I’m all over leggings with side seam detailing so think zippers, studs, ruching and just about anything else. Position the leggings above the calf and below the knee. Experiment and find your sweet post. Ankle length leggings will also work, but this is a Spring and Summer outfit, so the cropped length is more weather appropriate.
  • Top: Renata shows both casual and dressier combinations, so it’s really about what tickles your fancy. Graphic T’s layered with cheeky short sleeved jackets or cardigans are flop proof. Button down shirts layered with waistcoats are another good option. Voluminous blouses or knit tops worn on their own will also work. And you might even want to belt the look.
  • Second layer: For chilly mornings and evenings it’s useful to layer over a lightweight jacket or cardigan. I’ll layer over a trendy extended shoulder boyfriend jacket because that’s what I’m into at the moment, but just about any cute cropped jacket will do. Both cropped cardigans and longer boyfriend styles will also work.
  • Sandals: Renata’s wearing super wedge sandals but you can wear any type of casual sandal, slip-on mule, espadrille, peep-toe or ballet flat.
  • Accessories: If you wear specs, sort them out first because they are your most important accessory. If you wear a watch, that’s next on your list. If your outfit needs a necklace, bracelet, scarf or earrings, add those in but they’re not essential. Cross-body bags, slouchy hobos and flat totes are the best practical solutions for gals on the go.

Important point: you’ll need to repeat the colour black in the top portion of your outfit in order to balance out the heaviness of the black leggings. Repeating black on top needn’t be as obvious as wearing a black top, cardigan or jacket. The repetition of black can be subtle, like in the pattern of the top or in the beads of a necklace. Sometimes having black hair is enough of a repeat too.

Thank you Renata for modeling this formula with sass and verve. I’m sure you’ll inspire others to road test this formula by your stylish example. How say you ladies? Think you’ll give formula #4 a bash?

Renata - 3 Outfits