If you enjoy watching fashion documentaries, I highly recommend Lagerfeld Confidential and Valentino: The Last Emperor. Lagerfeld Confidential offers a present day look behind the quirky and charismatic man who heads up Chanel. The Last Emperor traces Valentino’s life as he prepares for his final couture show.

Getting a peek into the world of couture is fascinating, but getting a glimpse through the eyes of Karl Lagerfeld and Valentino Garavani is something else. Both in their 70’s, these men have the biggest egos in the world. But as much as they are eccentric, high maintenance and extremely opinionated, they are also intelligent, very talented, mega wealthy and quite a scream. You might not agree with how they view the world, but their perceptions and way of life make for interesting and captivating documentaries.

I have many favourite parts throughout both documentaries. Lagerfeld’s obsession with wearing 20-30 rings and his sincere respect for his Mother were enchanting. Valentino’s adorable five pugs who accompany him from private jet to sewing room made my heart melt.

But my favourite part of all was in a scene towards the end of The Last Emperor. Lagerfeld, who was one of the guests at Valentino’s final couture show, went backstage to congratulate Valentino on his marvelous achievement. After publicly congratulating him, he then pulled Valentino a little closer and whispered to him something to the effect of: “it’s only you and me who make beautiful clothes, the rest of them make rags”. And Valentino lovingly agreed.