It’s AMAZING how front knot detailing on dresses and tops flatters most body types, especially curvy hourglass, apple and pear shaped lasses. Pop this detailing into a substantial fabric that drapes and the flattering effects are even more effective.

Here’s why it works:

  • V-necklines are elongating for short and regular length necks and work wonders for petites and well endowed ladies.
  • The volume that’s created  by the ruching below the knot camouflages the extra bits on the mid riff and hips by allowing the fabric to float away from the body. This is especially effective in patterned fabrications and combats muffin top perfectly.
  • The vertical integrity of the ruching is slimming.
  • The placement of the knot right under the bust line accentuates the smallest part of the torso.
  • Shoulder ruching does an incredibly good job of defining the shoulder line, thereby strengthening the line of narrow shoulders and softening a strong shoulder line.
  • It captures the best qualities of an empire cut. Empire cuts are seldom cut long enough to accommodate a larger bosom, but this style gives the bust a roomy, yet sleek fit.

I’ve found that front knot detailing is best in synthetic fibers, or a synthetic-natural fiber blend. Synthetic fibers usually drape better and are more crinkle resistant, and both properties are important for this style. So look for polyester, nylon and rayon blends in weighty knitted fabrics for the best results. Woven shirts with front knot detailing works well too, but they won’t be as comfortable or as drapey as a knitted version.

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