Boots and BagI’m into bold statements this year. First, moto jackets are a must and now Fryes. Every gal needs a pair of fabulous Frye boots, and once again, I don’t make these statements lightly. Frye boots are a versatile, timeless, casual classic. Their appeal cuts across all ages, body types and fashion personas, depending on the style you choose and HOW you wear them.

I’ve been wanting a pair of Fryes for years but comfort was always a challenge. Time and time again I’d give them a whirl, but my fussy feet would complain. But I swear, Frye fairies intervened with this season’s collection as they have never looked better or been more comfortable. There are lots of style options for all sorts of feet and calf widths so don’t give up.

After deciding on the Rory Slouch boots last year, they became an instant favourite. Super soft, extra support, sassy edge and fabulous rugged flair. Very happy feet. That’s them on the right (excuse the gratuitous use of my favourite bag in the picture).

The six styles below have been winners among my clients this Winter. The harness style is very biker-inspired and quite the acquired taste. The billy shorties are more cowboy inspired and especially nice in light distressed hues. The Paige riding style is great for tall lasses with wide calves, while the  Veronica Slouch boots are fab for both narrow and wide calf widths. I personally like them best scrunched.

Harness 8RCarson ShortieBilly-Short

The Melissa Button’s are refined and more sophisticated. My uber sassy 69 year old client almost went home with these in Bordeaux because they fit the bill of sophisticated, classy and edgy all at once. But she opted for the grey Carson shorties instead because they’re a no-brainer easy option with jeans. As she was trying them on in stores with me, my client  wore denim bootcuts, a black button down shirt, black trench coat, peacock scarf and pewter handbag. The grey of the boots picked up the grey streak in her hair. A killer outfit. She’ll be wearing her Fryes well into her 70’s. What an inspiration.

Paige Tall RidingVeronica SlouchMelissa Button Boot

The downside? Fryes are expensive, even on sale. If you can’t afford them just yet, try to find a pair of boots that are Frye-like. But if and when your budget allows, don’t think twice. Fryes are an investment piece.