This is a bold statement and one I do not make lightly: A leather, faux leather, cotton or knit biker jacket, or biker-inspired jacket is a wardrobe must.

This item is right up there with the denim jacket because it has the magical ability to transform an outfit from drab to hip. Instant edge. Instant verve. Instant sass. I can’t think of an item that doesn’t look good with a moto jacket. Wear it over a cocktail gown, a graphic T and everything in-between.

Kenna-T Washed Leather Motorcycle Jacket A|X Moto Jacket

Like military jackets, biker jackets are not trendy items that will date. They are timeless in their own right and deserve a permanent place in your wardrobe. I’ve been sporting a biker jacket for 25 years and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I have 25 year old clients and 69 year old clients in moto jackets so age is of no consequence because it’s how you wear the item that counts.

It’s also all about finding a biker jacket that’s appropriate FOR YOU. You are not bound to black leather with loads of zipper detailing. Choose a classic style in a colour sans zippers if that’s what tickles your fancy. Maybe you’d prefer one with ruffles. Either way, this item is a versatile, timeless piece. Are you sporting a moto-jacket yet? If not, why not.

Cropped Denim Motorcycle Jacket Steve Madden Faux Leather Scuba Jacket