It’s the last day of the year! Let’s pay tribute to the very best of our 2009 wardrobes, including both old and new items. These are the items that you wore over and over and over again and LOVED to bits. You felt fabulous each time you put them on and missed them when they were in the wash, or when the weather didn’t cooperate. You even created outfits around these items so that you could wear them more often!

It was hard coming up with my top ten list because I was particularly excited about my wardrobe options this year. In no particular order, here are my 2009 wardrobe favourites and the reasons they ranked tops:

  1. Stirrup leggings because they’re sleek, retro and arty.
  2. Cream and black studded satchel because it’s so Chanel-esque.
  3. Yellow and white scarf because it smiled back at me each time it refreshed my Spring ensembles.
  4. Chestnut slouch boots because they dress down my dressier frocks and add a rugged touch to my polished style.
  5. All my sheath and sack dresses because they’re versatile, flattering, forgiving and very feminine. And because I’m on a major frock kick.
  6. Off-white leather jacket because it makes me feel like a Bond girl.
  7. Textured hose because they kick my frock and boot ensembles up a notch.
  8. Zippered skinnies because they’re the best blast from the past.
  9. Black patent eyelet and stud belt because it adds an instant edge.
  10. White 20 eyelet Dr. Martens knee-high boots because they cause a stir each time they go out to play.

My priceless Valentino handbag is too new to make the list for 2009, but it is definitely the first item on my list for 2010.

I did not include my watch, wedding ring, eyewear, pearl necklaces, fragrance and haircut because they’d occupy six places on the list which would leave little room for anything else! But each year, these six items probably work the hardest in my wardrobe which is why they deserve a special mention.

Over to you ladies. Let’s hear about your 2009 wardrobe favourites and why they are on you list.

4 Of The Top 10