I’m a huge fan of micro fishnets, but I’m also into other types of patterns on black textured hose. Lace, checks, swirls, chevrons, polka dots, florals, stripes and diamond designs are among my favourites at the moment. Textured hose is versatile because you can dress it both up and down.

I know what you’re thinking – hose is dressy. The same way you might think that dresses are generally dressy. But these perceptions are not entirely true because dresses worn with hose can look relaxed if you add casual elements into the mix. The picture below shows gals in dressy ensembles matched with black textured hose and heeled pumps. The hose smartens up the outfits for sure. But wear the hose with a pair of flat, casual boots and a casual dress or skirt and you’ve dressed down the look.

For example, try one of my favorite looks for Autumn: a no-nonsense day dress with Frye boots and sheer black checked hose. This pairing is unexpected and more visually interesting than falling back on plain old black opaques.

Fashion unites us, but style sets us apart. It’s HOW you wear the item that makes the difference. Anyone can purchase black textured hose and wear it with pumps and a dressy frock, because that’s the combination that makes traditional sense. But wearing fashion items in unconventional ways can often be a lot more fun. This also helps you get the most out of a small wardrobe, which is a real cost saver. An all-round win.

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Wearing black boots with black textured hose is flop proof because it gives you a long leg line. Mismatching the colour of the hose and the boots can be done, but you might find it harder to achieve the long lean line.