Fishnet stockings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. I understand the resistance. They can look awful if the holes of “the net” are large and the net itself is loosely woven and lumpy. Those are the versions to bypass.

What you’re after is micro fishnets. The holes are small and tightly woven, and the nylon is fine and pretty. You can barely see that you’re wearing fishnets and the overall effect on your legs is more of a textured sheen. The look is sophisticated and a little unexpected. I’ll go so far as to say that a classy pair of fishnets works with everything and on anyone. Totally flop proof.

Fishnets tend to be a smarter look, but they can be dressed down pretty effectively. They are ideal with a denim skirt, flat casual knee-high boots and basic knitwear. I also like to pair them with my 20 eyelet Docs. Don’t think that you need to stick to black either. Brown, grey and nude fishnets are just as great.

My favourite brand of micro fishnets are by Oroblu. They’re expensive at $19 a pair, but they last and they look sensational. DKNY has just brought out a great micro fishnet option this season. Packaged in a flat gold box (the luxury collection), you’ll find them in most department stores. They cost $17 and offer the same Oroblu effect. If you live in the UK and have a Marks & Spencer close by, be sure to head for their hosiery department. They sell fabulous plain micro fishnets and versions with polka dots. So fun!

Give them a try. They kick all sorts of outfits up a notch and make an affordable and stylish little Christmas present.

Wolford: The Twenties Fishnet Wolford: The Twenties Fishnet

I haven’t tried these Wolfords, but they look like a great pair of micro fishnets. At $40 they are quite pricey.