We’re seeing several styles of boyfriend jeans this season. The item started out looking baggy and distressed, which has its appeal on preteens and teenyboppers. But as the season unfolded, sleeker, more refined and “grown up” boyfriend jeans appeared in retail stores.

I’m not wearing boyfriend jeans, nor am I advocating the look because, for the most part, I don’t think it’s flattering. Occasionally I see someone pull it off to perfection, but they are few and far between. I’m still hyper sensitive to pant lengths that end somewhere below the calf and above the ankle bone because it’s leg shortening style suicide. The horizontal rolled-up cuff at this odd length on your lower leg cuts your long lean line.

I’ll admit that boyfriend jeans look better when the jeans are tapered and rolled to just below the knee. And further, matching the look with a super-high heels is a must. But other than that, I’m still not sold. Are you?

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The boyfriend jeans on the far left work because they look like clamdiggers. But I have a hard time with the two boyfriend jeans styles in the middle because they shorten the leg line, even on these super tall and whippet thin models with heels! By way of comparison, the scrunched, un-rolled skinny jeans on the far right look infinitely more flattering to my eye.