My favourite season is here! Most people blossom in Spring but I blossom in Autumn. Clear blue skies, fiery foliage, and the crisp, fresh nip in the air puts me into a fabulous mood each day. That, and the fact that I can haul out my boot collection.

It cools down quickly in our neck of the woods, but that might not be the case for you. If it’s still hot at this time of year, it’s completely stylish to continue wearing Summer clothes into Autumn. But if you are starting to get bored with your Summer outfits, here are some ways to look more seasonally “Autumn”, even in warm weather:

  • Wear darker colours: Keep the fabrication Summer weight with cotton and silk blends, but wear more black, grey, brown, ink blue, earth tones and muted colours instead of white and acidic brights. But please don’t think that you can’t wear bright colours in Autumn, or black in Summer. Of course you can and I do it all the time. I’m merely suggesting a change from what might be routine in your style.
  • Change your accessories: Swap out tropical looking jewelry like shells and brightly coloured stones for more somber and dramatic looks. Tweed floral pins and brushed metals will do the trick.
  • Add a cotton scarf in Autumn colours: Pair a scarf in muted tones to a sleeveless outfit.
  • Change your handbag: Switch to black, brown, taupe or grey if you’ve been sporting a colour for Summer.
  • Change the shade of your toenail polish: Opt for rich, dark hues instead of bubblegum brights. It’s a nice salute to the new season if you’re still in sandals.
  • Wear pumps, loafers or ballet flats: Still too hot for boots, but cool enough for more foot coverage. Tweed, animal print and rich suede screams Autumn.
  • Keep jackets and knitwear lightweight: Waist coats, biker waistcoats and short sleeved or sleeveless jackets and cardigans are effective ways to layer in the heat.
  • Add boots of any length to short shorts, or super short miniskirts: This is daring and you’ll need youth on your side to pull it off, but it’s fabulous when the components are right. I tend to stick to clamdiggers with boots and add a breezy top as a more age appropriate take on this look.
  • Wear slouch boots with short dresses: This is my favourite way to introduce Autumn back into my style this season. I pair sleeveless cool wool sheaths and jersey frocks, or short sleeved silk dresses with mid calf slouch boots. The dresses are best a few inches above the knee for mid calf boots to work, otherwise you’ll look dumpy. I’ve found that doing the look sleeveless works well because it keeps you cool, but this is not essential.

It’s still hot in Hong Kong when Autumn comes around, but the stylish lasses there do a fabulous job of incorporating a seasonally appropriate twist to their outfits. Refresh your memories on how they do it.