I love this look. Don’t take too much notice of the pictures below if the items in the mix are not to your taste. Use what you have in your closet by applying the following formula:

Sleeveless T,
Knitted Top
or Blouse
+ Waistcoat + Jeans,
Clam Diggers,
Walk Shorts
or pants

This combination is a little unexpected because both items are sleeveless. To me, there is something alluring about the combination. A tad androgynous but still feminine. And you don’t need to stick to pants as your bottoms option. Substitute a skirt or sleeveless frock too. Quite edgy.

Diane von Furstenberg Gilet VestTikirani Valencienne VestEndovanera Knife Vest in Black JET Tees Layer Vest in Cement

I wore a casual version of this look yesterday. Dove grey voluminous sleeveless ruffle knit top, a black pinstripe waistcoat and casual denim clamdiggers. I finished off the outfit with a long necklace, cobalt bag, silver flats and wayfarers. Perfect for Mum-on the-go, a great way to layer in the heat and dead simple. Please give it a bash if you have the components in your closet.