This colour combination is not a faux pas at all. In fact, black with ink blue is a stunning pairing when the colours and fabrications are right. It’s so luxuriously dark, rich and sophisticated. Very yummy in my book.

It isn’t flop proof though. I’ve found that black and ink blue work best when paired using the following guidelines:

  • Keep the colours saturated: Pair very rich black and dark blue items together. Faded items don’t work as well.
  • Keep one of the items texture rich: Texture adds depth to a colour, so opting for something with a bit of textural sheen is an excellent idea. For example, black slacks look magical with an iridescent ink blue top or jacket. Shantung silk that’s “shot”, meaning it changes colour when it moves, is another good example. So are self-colour jacquard fabrications.
  • Add another black or ink blue item into the ensemble: Repeating one of the colours will pull the look together. For example, adding a black belt to an ink blue top and black bottoms is an easy solution.
  • Add white or cream to the mix: Sometimes adding a white or cream item or accessory into the ensemble does the trick, like white bottoms, a white jacket or a pearly white necklace. It’s not a necessity, but it can add extra pop.

You might be sporting this colour combination without thinking about it. Wearing a black top with super dark blue/black wash jeans is a great example. The jeans provide the textural component that the outfit needs. Easy.

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