It’s fun and necessary to keep our fashion and style feet moving each season. Kendall Farr puts it well in her new book, “Style Evolution”:

The remixing of silhouettes, retooling of proportions, experimentation with new fabric technology and treatments, new combinations of color, print and texture allow new currents to break through fashion’s surface. This is, of course, why “new” is so much fun – and who wants to stop having fun with clothes at any age?”.

So true. I thoroughly enjoy trying and retrying new trends, remixing existing wardrobe pieces and pushing my fashion envelope. I’d be really bored with my outfits if I didn’t. In some instances the look isn’t completely new, but more of an evolved and often improved version of a look that I’ve sported before. Either way, my style feels refreshed when I dress a little differently each season.

This is how I recharged my look for Spring and Summer 2009:

  • Strappy sandals: This sounds absurd because strappy sandals are a common Summer wardrobe staple. But for years I haven’t been able to find a pair of sandals that go the distance AND look fabulous. I found three pairs this year and I adore wearing them with skinnies, leggings and dresses.
  • Frocks, frocks and more frocks: Our atypically beautiful Seattle weather has made me more dress focused than ever. I’m particularly into the unstructured sack dress, layering it over leggings and under cascading cardigans or a denim jacket.
  • Stirrup leggings and zipper leggings: Controversial, but stirrup and zipper leggings were my hands down favourite looks this season. I feel that I can take on the world in those outfits. I’ve hardly worn my blue jeans and clamdiggers because I’m frock and leggings crazy (but my white bottoms are still in full seasonal swing).
  • Silk safari jacket: This earthy style in a muted green is a stretch for my style, but I like the change as long as I can wear it with pearls.
  • Neutral shoes: I’ve hardly worn bright shoes this season after being all over the look for years. My red and yellow heels have come out to play a few times, but that’s it.
  • Wristlets and day clutches: These were new styles for me to sport during the day and they’ve become my go-to bag this year.
  • Micro cross-body bag: After years of suffering from aching neck and shoulders as a result of wearing large cross body bags, the small cross body bag is a pain-free revelation.
  • Bracelet: I found one that I loved and it’s been fun opting for a chunky bracelet instead of a necklace.
  • Gold hardware: Never thought it would happen, but I’ve started to incorporate the tiniest bit of gold hardware into my clothing and accessory assortment. This is a biggie.
  • Raiding Hubby’s wardrobe: After successfully incorporating Greg’s T-shirt and webbing belt into recent outfits, I’m excited to scratch around more on his side of the closet to see what else will work.
  • Wayfarers: I am not in the habit of wearing sunglasses, but I’m trying.

Over to you. How did you refresh and evolve your look this season? Are you liking the changes that you made?