After a whirlwind trip to Tel Aviv and Hong Kong, the last part of my forum challenge takes us to London, one of my very favourite Euro cities.

You’ll see it all on the streets of London. From sweat pants and sneakers to the most lavish of designer outfits and everything in between. But generally, people are well put together in an interesting, urban and funky way. When I think of London street style, I think of daring outfit combinations, interesting layers, vintage items, retro looks, lots of black and fabulous accessories. It’s not a crisp, chic and polished sense of style like you’ll see in HK. It’s much more gritty, punk, arty and goth, with loads of attitude to boot.

London Challenge OutfitClick pictures to enlarge

So this is my take on everyday London style: black-black skinny jeans, Greg’s Ben Sherman graphic T, a pinstripe suit jacket, strappy metallic sandals, cream cross-body bag and vintage pearl necklace. I couldn’t resist adding my retro Duran Duran cross-body bag as an alternative. It’s irreplaceable because I bought it at one of their concerts several years ago (Duran Duran is my favourite band of all time).

This outfit was a challenge because I never wear three black items at once, and I never wear T-shirts. I don’t even wear fitted T’s, and here I am in one of Greg’s that’s boxy all over. This is the type of unexpected pairing of clothing that reminds me of London style. Kate Moss does this all the time. It simply wouldn’t be as interesting if I’d chosen a ladies fitted graphic T. But the boxy silhouette works under the fitted jacket and gives the effect of a voluminous top so I was all over this look. Rolling up the sleeves to show the lining of the jacket added necessary textural interest.

I’d absolutely feel confident sporting this outfit because the jacket and jeans are tailored and the pearls are present. Like the combinations I put together for Tel Aviv and Hong Kong, this one extended my boundaries and added something new to my repertoire. So, for the last time, how did I do?