London’s Indian cuisine, old and new architecture, urban edge and high style quotient make it a city that I love to visit. Much like Hong Kong and New York, you see cutting edge fashion being worn effortlessly on the street by everyday people going about their day. It’s fabulous. The London look is not about pristine fashion items that are perfectly coordinated. People mix old and ultra trendy pieces eclectically and tastefully. The end result is an urban and practical sense of style that really works.

After a few days on London streets last week, I concluded that the most popular look was skinny jeans tucked into fashion forward, flat or mid-heel, slouchy ankle and knee-high boots. Skirts with slouchy knee-length boots came a close second. Riding boots, tunics and trapeze jackets were also common, all of which made for a casual yet tailored sense of street fashion. And practical too. Tucking jeans into boots makes great sense when the weather is wet and chilly. Soggy feet and sopping pant hems are sure to put a damper on anyone’s day. Something I know all too well traipsing around the streets of Seattle.


Slouchy boots, like these styles from from UK footwear store Faith, are all the rage on the streets of London.