All five of the cities below share a common characteristic: the style quotient is high amongst men and women of all ages and lifestyles. From professionals bustling to work, to SAHM’s pushing prams, and to older folk enjoying retired life. It’s very apparent that people who live in these cities enjoy style, fashion and looking great every day.

  1. Hong Kong: My clear overall winner. People take immense pride in how they present themselves and the result is mind blowing. Hong Kong style is as polished, chic, creative, fashion-forward and as beautiful as it gets. You’ll see wearable couture mixed with inexpensive product effortlessly walking down the street. It’s “the” people-watching fashion city and I am left with the same impression each time we visit.
  2. London: As far as Euro-style goes, Londoners do it best. There is a funky, artsy and mismatched retro element to the city’s style that’s unique. It’s edgy, urban, super trendy and tasteful. People don’t look particularly polished, but are always interesting, current, well put together and appropriate for every occasion.
  3. New York: The city that never sleeps wins in America. New Yorkers are known for their high style quotient and for good reason. It’s urban American style with Euro influence at its best. I adore this city and the mixture of both continental styles makes it extra special.
  4. Barcelona: Spain’s leadership in fashion retail capital permeates style throughout Barcelona. Local retailers are hip and affordable and people take advantage of this luxury.
  5. Paris: The couture capital of the universe comes in third for Europe and last on this list. Not quite as chic as you might expect, but stylish and full of character nonetheless. My favourite part about Parisian style is how well women dress as they get older. Ladies in their mid 50’s and older are a cut above the rest and it is inspirational.

Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Vancouver and Stockholm didn’t quite make my top five list but they came close. I have not spent enough time in Tokyo, Milan or Munich which is why these cities don’t feature on my list. Which cities do you rate as the most stylish and why?


I grew up in Hong Kong and could be accused of a little bias. We travel back every couple of years and this picture was taken in December of 2006.