European style is distinctive and you’ll notice its flavour as soon as you set foot on Euro soil. I’m in beautiful Barcelona, where men and women are generally well turned out, and I love it. While it’s the Parisians that lead haute couture, and the Londoners that lead prêt-a-porter; it’s arguably the Spaniards that lead fashion retail. Spain is home to Zara, one of the most successful clothing retail chains.

In true urban Euro style, the number one uniform on the streets of Barcelona across all age groups and body types is jeans or pants tucked into flat knee-high boots with either a belted knitted tunic or shorter piece of tailored knitwear. The look is finished off with coat, scarf and fab sling bag. Practical, put together and stylish. The same ensemble with flat ankle boots or fashion sneakers is the next most popular choice and to my delight there are loads of women wearing good old Converse. It’s Winter, so ballet flats are few and far between. The highest heels you’ll see on the streets are two inches, but that’s rare too. People in Barcelona commute on foot so it’s all about stylish flats and dressing in layers. The skirt-and-boots look isn’t as popular as it was in London, but streamlined knee-length puffer jackets, cropped leather biker styles and urban boots are a favourite and look great.

I chose not to bring my riding boots, but I’m right at home during the day in dark straight leg jeans, short, faux fur trimmed, belted leather jacket, a variety of fitted turtle necks and scarves, comfy cream and black Converse and black, biker sling bag. My heeled, cream patent ankle boots, dressy tops, cobalt coat and clutch come out at night. Easy!