There are celebrities whose style I admire, and then there are the rest. I am often appalled at how the following women dress and can scarcely believe that they pay professionals to help them put their ensembles together. They claim to love fashion, but I’ve seldom seen them look fabulous.

  • Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were stylish kids until they grew up and started sporting the spaced out zombie look. I cannot see past their unkempt scarecrow style no matter how gothic, esoteric or funky they claim to be. I’m all for a personal style that’s out of the ordinary, but the twins look dirty and I’d love them to clean up and start over.
  • Jessica Simpson wears her skirts too short, her tops too low and her skin too orange. Adding a modest element to her style would increase her style quotient.
  • Paris Hilton’s glitzy and often over accessorized look is in bad taste. She somehow never looks classy in her lavish designer wear.
  • Britney Spears is possibly the worst dressed celebrity around, but her problems appear to be deeper than style.

Compare these celebrities to the ladies that get it right all the time. Jennifer Aniston, Cate Blanchett and Reese Witherspoon are are ultra-stylish and have impeccable taste. They know how to be subtly alluring without looking tarty, and understand that “less is more”. It is safe to say that money does not buy you style.