We normally focus on their red carpet appearances, but I also admire certain celebrities for their everyday style. I may not personally aspire to their specific look (because fashion personas and body types differ), but I truly appreciate the way the following women dress and I enjoy looking at their everyday ensembles. They seem to adore fashion and always look fabulous.

Australian Style

  • Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett have bodies like supermodels and can dress like they’re just off the catwalk. They mix classic, eclectic, retro and funky fashion with all the grace and elegance in the world.
  • Naomi Watts likes to take fashion risks and pulls off the look well. She’s usually one of the first celebrities to try a new trend and I admire her courage.

European Style

  • Penelope Cruz epitomizes smart and sophisticated Euro style. She manages to adapt cutting edge fashion trends in an effortless and unfussy way. She’s always sporting the hottest silhouette and colour, but never looks as though she’s trying too hard.

American Style

  • Jennifer Aniston seldom takes a fashion risk and sticks to simple, uncomplicated, clean-cut lines in neutral shades. Her discipline to remain a staunch modern-classic is commendable and she has earned herself a distinctive signature look that suits her to a tee.
  • Jessica Alba is young and wears fashion trends to their fullest. She has fun with what she wears and likes to mix pretty items with retro urban pieces.
  • Beyonce and Gwen Stefani are pop stars who rock their glitzy yet tasteful styles. Their artistic fashion personas enable them to sport their over-the-top clothing choices with ease.

British Style

  • Kate Moss doesn’t wear trends – she sets them. She continues to inspire top designers with her edgy, daring, and dramatic sense of style. There is no one who gets way with wearing what Kate Moss does and I enjoy her evolving and creative wardrobe concoctions.
  • Sienna Miller isn’t quite Kate Moss, but she is a style icon in her own right. She’s the bo-ho urbanite and bold fashion risk-taker whose unusual clothing combinations always seem to work.

Sarah Jessica Parker has fallen off the radar. She looked fabulous in Sex and the City, but her dress sense seems to have gone astray since then. Whose celebrity style do you admire and why?