I'm finishing off a year's worth of shopping on a theme with some wild cards and some core items that just felt missing. First, I think it's important to have one "grown-up" outfit appropriate for a funeral or visit to a lawyer, hence the dark wool dress pants and sensibly matching shoes. I added a simple knit to make a column of color. The pants will also work with the navy sweater or leather jacket already in the collection.

And then a couple cozy things, because winter. The bathrobe is ridiculously priced, but this is fantasy shopping, right? And lounging pants are fun. Let's imagine our gal put some of these items on her wish list and they arrived as gifts.

I finish with a couple of sparkly items to make some casual holiday outfits, either with the navy pants or jeans. Velvet can go the same way; I would buy that teal and seaweed shirt if I didn't live 100 miles round trip to the nearest dry cleaner. It's "oceanic" perfection. The bracelet is the kind of whim I might buy for myself while Christmas shopping. Always make sure I buy myself a present, that way there's at least one thing I like under the tree!

Over the next week or so, I have a couple more posts I want to make wrapping up this project. You may enjoy seeing the "misses," things that are in my Finds that never made their way into the virtual closet. Someone asked last month to see some outfits that mix the pieces over the months, and I want to post about what I bought and learned throughout the year. Thanks for reading this far, today and throughout the year.

November - a perfect sweater set

October - mixed plaids in a darker neutral

September - completing NAS purchases into outfits

August - party dress

NAS - splurges and pot-hole fillers

July - perfect print top

June - dress over pants

May - beach party & swimwear

April - crops and denim jacket

March - the dress

February - date night jeans and sweater

January - the original plan

entire collection