1) It's hard to believe I'm still interested in this project, but I think about it all month. Here's the beginning of the tale. The inspirational image is in finds.

2) Our gal must live in Northern California. Nowhere near here, where it snowed, hailed and rained today. I won't be wearing clothes like these until July.

3) These are the first (and only) cropped pants I've seen that I would personally consider wearing. I have a true poison eye and heart toward them. I actually tried some on this month, with an open mind, and no, just no. That's a whole other thread and I don't want to foment controversy. I will post in the comments the pants I would probably buy instead, more suitable for my climate. Do you think the flat sandals would work with the crops?

4) I had to laugh when Angie featured denim jackets a few days ago, knowing this post was coming. It feels like I have been keeping a secret from you all, but I'm including one of my favorite Etsy designers. She takes denim garments (I assume thrifted) and dyes them. I have three of her jackets already. One of them she custom dyed for me. I told her my size, she sent the measurements of the jackets she had, I picked one, and she sent me exactly what I wanted. In this exercise, our gal can wear whatever is on the rack, but check out her stuff!

5) I really want the Paua shell bracelet. This month I returned more than I bought. The cream sweater was itchy. But I found the black turtleneck I've been waiting for coming on 2 years for $15 at the Rack. And beige wool socks. Go me.

6) I think the top would look ok with the jacket, but I might choose a longer jacket, what do you think? I even think it is possible to wear the jacket with the dress, which was a happy accident, or the genius of the method (or am I nuts)? There's already a linen tee from last month that would work. I really like the tank, not sure I can let it go.

Thanks for following this terribly long post.

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