I hardly thought about clothes at all this month. I think IRL I had 3 occasions to get out of farm and ranchwear, hardly enough reason to own more than a 10 item "Clearly Claire" capsule. But I am going to see this through to the end. September is transitional weather, and we have some new stuff from NAS anxious to be worn, so this month, I picked a base outfit to go with the NAS leather jacket, adding some more darker neutrals. I think the cashmere sweater would also work with the pants. I prefer the backpack with the jacket, the new handbag with the sweater, but either would work for both. And since the pants are a little dressier, I thought an elegant silver necklace (imagine it with a 24" chain) would be a nice addition to the pile of accessories.

As always, if you haven't read any of my previous posts, I suggest you start with the January introduction to the project.

This month, I'm going to add two comments for each of the two outfits I'm imagining, so I can use the finds. These outfits aren't so evocative of the painting as some of the earlier ones, but the overall collection still hangs, I think. Comments?

August - party dress

NAS - splurges and pot-hole fillers

July - perfect print top

June - dress over pants

May - beach party & swimwear

April - crops and denim jacket

March - the dress

February - date night jeans and sweater

January - the original plan

entire collection so far