Tonight I am experiencing unbelievably hot weather in the city. We are here for an outdoor concert tomorrow that will be 95+ when it starts. The band will be worth it. Our lady has more sense. She's going to hear something more refined, maybe a pops orchestra, or summer Shakespeare. It will be hot, too hot for fussy jewelry, but she has reserved seating and someone will bring her a Campari and soda, which she will not spill even a drop on her dress. And no one will notice if she slips her shoes off into the cool grass.

The clutch is interesting, it has some eco-warrior glass as part of the materials. I don't need it or it would be on my way. It also comes in silver. I'm going to think three times harder about the sandals, but my summer is so short, I probably don't need them either.

(Skip down to the January entry for the first installment of this 12 month fashion project of mine.)

NAS - splurges and pot-hole fillers

July - perfect print top

June - dress over pants

May - beach party & swimwear

April - crops and denim jacket

March - the dress

February - date night jeans and sweater

January - the original plan

entire collection so far