Last month, I posted about doing a Vivienne Files virtual shopping project for a year, inspired by a Diebenkorn painting. I wanted to see if I could maintain interest in a small, tightly curated collection by adding one outfit per month. So far so good.

I spent more time than I should have all month thinking about what to "get." A coat before they disappear. I wanted something pretty for Valentine's day, but still casual and comfortable. When I found the watch almost right after the last post, it solved the "problem" of a direction for jewelry, and was so obvious when I realized that I already have and love some paua jewelry from New Zealand (dreaming of the watch). Themes I'm seeing emerge: subtle color blocking, squares over circles, and mixed materials.

Stepping into the confessional, I did buy the scarf from January's post, and it has a lot more olive in it than I expected. That's a good thing, olive is one of my main neutrals along with a lot of black. It's taken a lot of discipline not to pitch all my black clothes this month. I've realized that by this time in the winter, I am craving lighter colors but I still need the warmth for at least three more months. Maybe I need 3 small capsules: a darker fall/early winter, a lighter late winter/faux spring, and true summer. Right now I need to not shop and let the fantasy wardrobe play out for a while longer. Next month will have more of a spring feel, maybe an Easter outfit?

The collection as it stands after two months.