May meh. I am so uninspired by everything in the (on-line) stores right now. It's too cold here to be wearing spring clothes and overnight it will be too hot for them. So this month, because this is my rich fantasy life project and I would rather to go to a Memorial weekend day-to-bonfire beach party than put on another layer, I'm digging way back in the time machine to my SoCal roots.

Swimwear for day, a cute coverup for walking to get a Balboa bar, denim shorts. As it cools off, the baja shirt (didn't know it was called a drug rug until I started researching this post). And of course, flip flops, aka zoris, slides, jandals, and a million other local names. We called them flip flops. We were always trying to get an even tan, so I never wore jewelry to the beach, but I like this bracelet. Got to have a beach bag for sunscreen, sunglasses, Walkman (showing my age here). There should be a hat, but maybe next month.

The collection is starting to look pretty cool. I'd be happy with it as the bulk of my closet. The lines and angularity are playing together more nicely than I hoped. Maybe next month I can pop in some of the more unusual colors in the painting.

Thoughts? I'm almost half way done. That's hard to believe!

April - crops and denim jacket

March - the dress

February - date night jeans and sweater

January - the original plan

entire collection so far