All I really wanted this month was tall boots and a sweater. Then I found the most amazingly perfect sweater set at Pendleton. Let no retail stone go unturned. I'm not sure I would actually wear it with the tall boots, but since I'd already found them, I hunted up a pair of skinnies that most closely matched the boots and go perfectly with the plaid. In this fantasy project, every pair of pants fits, no sweaters are itchy and the budget has no limit.

I started this in January (see link below if you are wondering what this is all about). One more month and I'll have done it! I'm mulling over a different project for 2018, but let's finish this one out properly first. Looking forward to your ideas on what a good final post might be.

October - mixed plaids in a darker neutral

September - completing NAS purchases into outfits

August - party dress

NAS - splurges and pot-hole fillers

July - perfect print top

June - dress over pants

May - beach party & swimwear

April - crops and denim jacket

March - the dress

February - date night jeans and sweater

January - the original plan

entire collection so far