September 2022

Fashion News Roundup: September 2022

Next year’s Met Gala theme, remarkable news from Patagonia, and more style stories that made headlines in September. Patagonia …


Link Love: How They Get Dressed

How an outfit feels can be more important than how it looks, particularly when accessibility is an issue. In this article, four people …


Fab Find: Sam Edelman Laguna Waterproof Boots

These boots are amazing. The lug soles are on-trend, and look great in a chunky, yet refined way. They are super lightweight, …


Trend: Waistcoats


Trend: Dark Brown


A New Trench Coat

My much loved citron trench coat finally bit the dust. I got it for my 40th birthday twelve years ago from hubs Greg, so it’s a …


Link Love: The Evolution of Plus-Size Fashion

Today I’m sharing three articles by Gianluca Russo, a writer who has covered plus-size fashion for publications like Teen Vogue …


Fab Find: Ilse Jacobsen Tulip Shoes

This is a sublime casual, perforated, slip-on sneaker made by Scandinavian designer, IIse Jacobsen. It’s super soft, very …


Team Pastels or Team Earth Tones

You are on Team Pastels if you prefer pastels to earth tones, and vice versa. Pastels include any pure colour that has been mixed …


Fashion News Roundup: August 2022

Renowned Japanese fashion designers Hanae Mori and Issey Miyake have passed away, and other style news that caught our eye in August. …


Link Love: Good Fashion Reads

I’m sharing three articles on different style-related topics I quite enjoyed reading this week: “The Man Who Amassed 10,000 …


Adapt Your Wardrobe to a Changing Climate

One of the biggest factors impacting our style is our climate. A wardrobe must reflect our dominant season in order …