How an outfit feels can be more important than how it looks, particularly when accessibility is an issue. In this article, four people share how they balance style and comfort.

From layering up to formula dressing, in this second article from The Guardian, four more people with different needs share their process of picking an outfit each morning.

Finally, four fashion professionals share how they choose their outfits — from wearing variations of the same thing daily to vibing an outfit based on mood.

Fab Links from Our Members

I Don’t Care What ‘They’re’ Wearing.” Suntiger found this blog post by Debbie Roes very relatable.

Jaime wanted to share this amazing review and discussion of the 25 most influential post-war fashion shows.

Cat2 recommends this BBC article: “Why You Need a ‘Wellbeing Wardrobe’.”

Aquamarine says: “Skinny pants are back, already! Anyone else have fashion whiplash?”

If you are mad about everything hair, like Runcarla, she thinks you’ll enjoy these two YouTube videos: I Tried 500 Years of Haircuts, and Everything I Wish I Knew Before Getting a Buzzcut.

Vogue Business reports that Tommy Hilfiger is raising the bar for diverse model casting. Nuancedream hopes that more designers will follow suit.

Roberta enjoyed this brief conversation on Claire McCardell and her 1956 book, “What Shall I Wear”, which has just been republished. Roberta really identified with this statement:

“Like Mary Quant, she had little use for effects that served only to decorate. When I find myself muttering, ‘Why are these buttons here if they don’t button?’, that’s the McCardell muse.”