Today I’m sharing three articles by Gianluca Russo, a writer who has covered plus-size fashion for publications like Teen Vogue and Instyle, and author of The Power of Plus: Inside Fashion’s Size Inclusivity Revolution.

Fab Links from Our Members

Stagiaire Fash thought this was interesting: yoga instructors are asking Lululemon to insist its producers not use coal.

Both she and Suz also wanted to share this article with reviews for garments made for the heat.

After reading about Irvin Randle, the sixty-year-old Instagram star, Roberta says: “It was interesting to me to see how men also face the challenge of dressing in their fifties and beyond.”

Angie wanted to share the NYTimes’s take on trending wide pants and jeans. Their comfort and swish is applauded! 

Suntiger directs us to this article about how “the golden age of thrifting is over.”

This was the first time UmmLila heard that the EU is planning to impose rules to make clothing recycling easier, or that single-fibre is more recyclable than complex fabrics.

Suz highly recommends this article on Claire McCardell, one of the founding mothers of American sportswear.

Aquamarine really enjoyed this take on fashion/shopping. She adds: “It can apply to other areas in life too. Self-confidence, knowing yourself, and knowing when to ask for help (like the forum here) is so important.”

Brooklyn found this article about the late Queen’s approach to fashion interesting.

L’Abeille likes Tia Mowry’s take on the beauty and the blessing of getting older.

Vildy found “The Erasure of Androgynous Style by Fashion Media” thought-provoking.