If you enjoyed wearing fairly neutral ‘90s minimalism back in the day, these looks might inspire you. For those who prefer a more adorned, embellished, brighter, and accessorized outfit, feel free to add colour, pattern, texture and shine. What is missing from these looks that was big back in the ‘90s, is the addition of dark lipstick and nail polish. I remember it adding an effective finishing touch and some drama.

On to the looks.

1. Twinning

Combine a pair of black relaxed straight or cropped flared pants with a solid brown, tan, taupe or cinnamon twinset. Wear the cardigan over the base layer of the twinset, or drape it around your shoulders as a scarf. Authentic ‘90s minimalism would have finished the look off with chunky black loafers, boots, slides or oxfords. But I like the more ‘80s touch of dainty and glitzy silver pumps. They also match the model’s hair.


1. Black from Head to Toe

Wearing a column of black, which includes the shoes, is especially ‘90s. Here, a pair of relaxed pleated black pinstriped trousers is combined with a fitted and tucked black pullover. Classic black loafers and a black belt complete the column. The gold buckle on the belt is unexpected, as are the model’s gold earrings that match in metal. These would have been silver back in the ‘90s. I like the addition of the gold, and how the subtle pinstripe breaks up the expanse of black.

Black from Head to Toe

3. Grey with Blue Jeans

Wearing grey tops with blue jeans is another iconically minimal ‘90s look. Here the model is doing just that with a grey turtleneck and blue wide cropped jeans. The semi-tucked pullover showcases some waist definition and a black belt. There’s the addition of a white long-sleeved tee under the turtleneck for a little interest. Chunky black shoes or white platform sneakers would have been a typical ‘90s choice, but here the model sports pretty red pumps. A more ‘80s touch!

Grey with Blue Jeans

4. Androgynous

A ’90s Ralph Lauren-esque look is another way to go. Combine a pair of dark relaxed straight full-length jeans with a black turtleneck. Layer a blue or grey and white striped shirt over the turtleneck and tuck both tops into the jeans. Unfilled belt loops and no belt are shown here, but feel free to add a belt. Black loafers or boots match the black in the outfit. A high-shine version adds a bit of glitz. Top things off with a big black coat. The model wears silver hoop earrings too.