Wide pants and jeans, in both soft and rigid fabrics, have been a mainstream trend for several seasons. Their SUPER wide cousins on the other hand, are a fringe trend and likely to remain that way. They are mid or high rise, and full length. Sometimes the lengths graze the top of the vamp of the foot and just cover the ankle. Sometimes they are extra long and graze the surface of the ground. Some waists are pleated, and some belted. Fabrics, patterns, and colours are assorted.

Here are some examples.

Super wide leg pants create a very dramatic effect because they cover more than half the body, and it’s a lot of fabric swooshing around the legs. The silhouette also makes the contour of the body look much wider than it is. It’s extreme silhouettes like this that give fashion its exclusivity, creativity, and excitement. Have fun wearing this fringe trend if it’s your cup of tea. Why not! Please make sure the hems are at a length that is NOT a tripping hazard. Go shorter rather than longer.

Personally, I love the look of full-length and cropped wide pants and jeans, and have several pairs. But they aren’t as wide as these. They are “mainstream wide,” not super wide. I like the look of super wide pants, so early in the Spring I tried a pair from The Kit. When I tried them on, I laughed. They fit really well in the waist and lower belly, but their width from there on down made it look like I was wearing very ill-fitting pants. They were far too long, and completely overwhelming. I did not pull off the look.

The devil is in the details. Instead of super wide pants, I need to find a pair that are wider than what I have, but not as wide as the examples shown here. They also need to be tailored, dressy, and fairly rigid (not soft floppy fabric). I have my eye on a pair from Me + Em, and will post these looks in an outfit formula post later in the week.

Over to you. What do you think of super wide pants and jeans?