The Kit is a clothing brand that describes its assortment as conversation-starting style because it’s never basic. Instead it’s “vibrant, statement making looks for chic tomboys”. The Kit is all about beautiful patterns, which are imaginative, exclusive, richly detailed, and created from scratch. 

The brand is committed to manufacturing sustainably and ethically to reduce its carbon footprint. Less waste and more style all the way. Their vertically-integrated facility in the Dominican Republic ensures that items are produced from start to finish under one roof. The Kit does not make a garment until a customer orders it. The wasted water, ink, electricity, gas, and manpower that goes into the masses of unsold, overstock garments produced by the industry each year is cleverly conserved through this process.

As I browse the collection of new arrivals, I love what I see in terms of colour, pattern, silhouette, laundering directions, and price point. There are lots of interesting items across a range of unique and exciting patterns that won’t break the bank. Take the time to browse the items because there are many patterns and solids per item. There are florals, swirls, ombré, geometric, landscape and abstract patterns in cool and warm palettes. Some patterns are very loud and others quite quiet. Silhouettes are trendy classic, and fits are fluid or fluidly tailored. I was taken by the Zoe Shirt in lime and the pink prep stripe, and have ordered them, along with the big baggy Leigh Trouser in navy. Since the items are made to order it will take 10 to 20 days before they are shipped. That’s fine with me if it reduces waste.

The Kit Cropped Alexa Jean

The Kit Zoe Shirt

The Kit Jean Jacket

I’m thrilled to see that sizes run from an XS to 3XL, but disappointed that the models do not showcase the diverse set of sizes. The brand will ship internationally, but without the option to return and exchange, which is unfortunate. The shipping policy within the US however, is competitive and good. A few YLF forum members have ordered from The Kit with very satisfying results. I’ll let you know how I do with my own orders.