A square knot (or reef knot) is a simple, effective styling tool that makes a visual difference. Take the two ends that need to be tied. Tie right over left, and under. Then left over right, and under. Pull, and tighten. Easy to tie and easy to untie too. 

Square Knots For Polish

If you need to make a symmetrical bow, tie a square knot first and then complete the normal steps involved in making a bow. Sometimes this can make the bow too bulky. It all depends on the thickness of the fabric of the ties.

Neckerchiefs love square knots. Tie a neckerchief with a square knot around your neck, wrist, bag, or in your hair. If you’re not a bow-person, tie a square knot with the ties on a dress, coat, jacket, skirt, or top instead of a bow. Impact with less bulk.