A lightweight scarf can amp up an outfit in the Spring and Summer, adding colour, pattern, texture, or shine. Patterned scarves can be great pattern mixing vehicles. They are fairly inexpensive and make an impactful difference. The outfits below show easy and effective ways to add a scarf to a warmer weather look. 

1. Long Thin Scarf

A long black and white striped scarf is tied like a loose necktie, and worn on the inside of an oversized collared shirt. The ends of the scarf are left on the outside of the shirt. The shirt is worn out in a very relaxed way. The sleeves are scrunched for structure. The black in the pattern of the scarf matches the black hair of the model. The striped patterns complement each other. This scarf styling strategy works well when you don’t wear a crossbody bag, unless you’re okay with the strap going over the layers.

Long Thin Scarf

2. Muffler

Here’s a casual boldly patterned scarf tied muffler style around the neck. The colours pick up the colours of the top, pants and shoes, and add a few more. The top is worn out over the pants and the footwear bookends the model’s hair. The scarf is the focal point of the outfit and packs a punch.


3. Neckerchief

Last, a neckerchief is a small and usually square scarf that is tied tightly or loosely around the neck. It’s unfussy because of its size, and you can forget you’re wearing one. It’s easy to tie a neckerchief into a square knot and leave it at that. It can replace a necklace, or be worn with a necklace, thereby adding an interesting dimension to your outfit. Wear it with just about anything, both casual or dressy. Here, a patterned scarf in the palette of the outfit is added to create a complex yet harmonious pattern mix. Maximally delightful and decorative.


Here are simpler ways to wear a neckerchief. Great with just a solid tee too.