As I browse the Spring and Summer collections, I like what I see. There is variety in colour, fabric, pattern, texture and silhouette, and things are far from boring. Even so, I find myself drawn to the same combinations that I wear every summer. 

All I want to wear in warm and hot weather is variations on these three formulas, with varying levels of dressiness, colour, and pattern:

  1. Sleeved shirtdress at a midaxi length, worn unstructured or with a self-belt. Or a sleeveless fit ’n flare midaxi.
  2. Trendy white pants or jeans combined with a roomy patterned cotton or silk shirt or blouse, tucked, with a belt that matches my bag or shoes.
  3. Unstructured pants co-ord in 100% cotton or linen, and preferably patterned.

Footwear is a loafer, fashion sneaker, ballet flat, gladiator sandal, or ankle strap flat.

That’s why I replenished my white jeans and pants capsule, replaced passed on shirtdresses with similar silhouettes, added two patterned shirts, a new pants co-ord, and red ballet flats.

I seem to have little interest in wearing anything else, despite how fabulous the items are. As I browse what I wore in Summers past, it’s much the same. There is something comforting and easy about my chosen hot weather uniforms. They make me happy, and I’m sticking with them until I feel like a change. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.