I loved shopping at Esprit back in the ‘80s when I was a teen and young adult. I’m shopping there again after being inspired by Inge, who does extremely well with the brand. Always colourful, casual in an expressive and vibrant way, nice fabrics, reasonably good quality, good fits, and won’t break the bank. Plus you’ll see a mix of classics and trends.

Esprit does simple relaxed items in a range of colours and patterns. The Finds will take you to the Belgian Esprit website, but most of the same items are available on esprit.us

1. Esprit Unisex Logo Fleece Hoodie

Esprit has been offering a simple logo fleece hoodie since the ‘80s, and it looks just the same. Simple, bold, unisex, oversized, super comfy, playful, and retro. The fabric is lovely and as cosy as can be. Comes in sixteen colours, and in an XXS on the US website. Runs big so size down unless you like a very roomy fit. I had one in bright green with a navy logo back in the ‘80s. This time round I chose bright yellow with a navy logo (the second one in the collection). I wore one at 18, and am wearing one at 53. Love a nostalgic classic that makes me smile. I’m wearing it hereAvailable in the US.

2. Esprit Striped Rib-Knit Top

An excellent long sleeve fitted ribbed tee with heft and weight. Very neat neckline. Good to wear as a layer under a topper, or on its own. Surprisingly, it does not cling. It’s long so fab for Team Tall, and Team Long Body. Available in the US.

3. Esprit Spring Striped Sweater

If you like classic 100% cotton simple striped knitwear in a fine gauge knit, this is an option. Super comfy, crisp and silky with a flattering fluid fit. Plenty of length. Neckline works well on a larger bust. The lemon with lilac stripes is unique. The green and white is super fresh. Not available on the US site.

4. Esprit Long Sleeve Poplin Shirt

Last, a trendy item that looks best when you can fill it out with a broader shoulder line and/or larger bust. Its oversized boxiness is greatly tempered with a high-low hemline. The wide cuffed sleeves do not scrunch because of their width. Instead, cuff them once leaving the button unfastened to create an architectural vibe. Has pockets on the bust line that are unobtrusive. Comes in solids and low-contrast stripes. Breezy and covered for on a hot day. Available in the US.