Chocolate browns made a comeback after more than a decade’s hiatus, which is great news for Team Dark Brown. Wear dark brown from head to toe and as a dominant outfit colour. Or wear it in a more subtle way as these outfits show. Using dark brown items instead of black is a common theme. 

1. Footwear and Bag Complement

An oversized pea soup green sweater is worn with flowing wide dress pants. The black trousers match the model’s hair. Instead of finishing off the look with black shoes and bag, dark brown boots and satchel grace the look. To my eye, unexpectedly punchy, softer, and more interesting.

Footwear-and Bag Complement

2. Brown Topper

A fitted cream midi sweater dress is worn with tall black stompy boots. A roomy black jacket would match the boots. Instead, a mismatched dark brown shearling flight jacket completes the look. The cream shearling trim matches the cream dress, which creates visual harmony. That said, a chocolate jacket without the trim would work well too. Neutral fabness.

Brown Topper

4. Pattern Accent

A blue and earth tone marble patterned dress is combined with tall caramel slouchy boots. The caramel boots match the caramel in the pattern. The bits of dark brown in the pattern are small and subtle. The outfit could be topped with a coat or jacket in any of the colours of the pattern, with a bag to match.

Pattern Accent

4. Fresh Colour Combination

Last, a pair of slouchy light wash jeans is combined with an oversized white shirt. A cropped sweater vest in an unusual patterned combination of dark brown and lilac is the punchy third piece. Black shoes bookend the model’s hair. I like the unexpected addition of brown and purple, instead of a pattern that includes black that would work well with the model’s hair. Add jewellery, topper, eyewear and headgear as desired.

Fresh Colour Combination