This week, I enjoyed reading this article about Mums dishing out style advice, and how some tenets of fashion wisdom are passed on from generation to generation:

Always Accessorize & 5 Other Fashion Lessons My Mom Taught Me.” I thought this part fitted in nicely with Angie’s post yesterday on defying your environmental norm if that’s your preference:

“Like my mother, I’ve often been met with the following question: ‘What are you all dressed up for?’ This would bother me when I was a child, and I’d often ask my mom to change me into something more casual. But as I’ve grown older, I understand that what looks like being ‘overdressed’ to others has always been a way for the women in my family to assert their personhood, especially in a world that may otherwise seek to stifle it. Now, I’m proud to be extra whenever the moment calls for it.”

Fab Links from Our Members

April loved looking at all these shoe storage ideas, even if some are deeply impractical.

This thoughtful essay really articulated Roberta’s suspicions that she’s veered towards being too matchy-matchy, and what the difference is between matching and coordinating.

Suz has been making her way through the last season of ‘Articles of Interest’ and loving every show. She found the episode about the Corduroy Appreciation Club very funny and particularly apt for those who love this fabric on cold Winter days. You can see associated images on the Substack.

Nuancedream is a big fan of corduroy too, and enjoyed this Guardian article on how to stay sharp while sporting double corduroy.

BlueJay directs us to this article, from a menswear perspective (but relevant to everyone), discussing how to build a sustainable wardrobe. She particularly enjoyed the advice about creating “emotional durability” by building attachment and having items that we continue to love and wear. 

Kyle thought this was interesting: The LA Times theorizes that malls may not be dead after all, thanks to a generation of young people that yearns for connection.

Here’s the NY Times Best Underwear Review for 2024. Angie says: “I have to agree that Tommy John rocks! Those are the knickers I wear, although a prettier version with a bit of lace. Well worth the price. Fits, lasts, looks good, feels good, and launders well.”

Here are 8 ways to prevent, or at least minimize hat hair this Winter. Especially useful for curly and oily hair. Angie says: “I’m generally a fan of dry shampoo, and apparently it’s a way to spruce up hat hair that lies flat. I’m trying it!”

Suntiger wanted to share this video about a simplified version of Kibbe — with only 3 types! She adds: “It’s a little odd cause what they call ‘straight’ is what I call curvy, and ‘wavy’ body types are straight-figured — but the style recommendations are helpful.”

She also liked this video about the difference between deep and dark seasons, which are often used interchangeably but are not the same.