I thoroughly enjoy wearing accessories. Some aspects of my accessory style have stayed constant throughout my 53 years, while others have seen more change. I wore some accessories for decades then stopped cold turkey and never looked back. Others I wore for years, stopped, and ventured back into wearing them later. Some accessories are new to my style.

Handbags and necklaces are my favourite accessories. I’ve carried a fun bag since I was little. Necklaces I’ve worn my whole life too. Usually dainty and gold, and some type of white pearl. That said, about a decade ago, I stopped wearing my pearls. This shocked my friends and clients, who kept asking where are your pearls! That was a rebellious style phase, in which I thought I needed to sport a more minimal, strict and modern look. It wasn’t authentic, and therefore short-lived. My playful and pretty pearls are back, and I’m not looking back!

I had my ears pierced at a young age and wore studs or horse shoes daily. On our wedding in 1996, I wore my late Mum’s dangly vintage gold and pearl earrings. I never worn earrings again, and don’t miss them at all.

I much enjoy scarves and belts and have worn them most of my life. That said, I left off belts for many years because I wasn’t in the mood. My mood is back! I’m embellishing my belt capsule, and wearing belts with pleasure. Loving the way a belt adds a polished finishing touch to my outfit.

Dainty bracelets are a newer-to-me accessory that I’ve been sporting daily for about a decade. I much enjoy the arm candy with my watch, and how it matches my pearl wedding ring. Speaking of rings, I wear my wedding ring daily. No other rings.

Hats I wear as a practical necessity, and not for their visual appeal. Beanies in Winter to keep warm. Sun hats in Summer to protect my face and neck.

I’m not sure if watches and eyewear are accessories, but I’ve been wearing them daily for decades and can’t function without them. My colourful and Modern Retro eyewear is an integral part of my style, so it feels like an accessory to me. And probably the most visually impactful accessory because specs are on my face, and people speak to your face.

Our accessory styles can stay much the same over the course of our lives, or evolve into a different vibe depending on our needs and moods. How has your accessory style changed over time?