Some of my clients are really enjoying the minimal late ‘90s trend for daily Winter dressing. It’s simple, subtle, unadorned, generally neutral, mostly solid, practical, and easy. The vibe is more about pants and jeans than skirts and dresses. Wearing black from head to toe is not uncommon, and false plains act as solids. Some looks are dressier than others. 

Below are four more renditions in an assortment of neutrals. Note how beautifully each palette works with the colour of the model’s hair. Accessories like belts, bags, scarves, hats, and jewellery are not shown, and can be added for the next layer of fabness if that’s more your cup of tea. The blacks and greys can be substituted with navies and blues, if you don’t wear black.

1. Greys and Black

This tailored and polished minimal look is a fab palette on the black-haired model. The black shoes and pants match the model’s hair. The light grey sweater creates a punchy contrast against the model’s skin. Its texture and ombré pattern add outfit interest too. The dark grey coat at this long and elegant length amps up the tailored and dressy component of the outfit. I see a black bag complete the outfit. Or a silver one that adds some shine.

Greys and Black

2. Earth Tones and Denim

The tan sweater and toffee camel coat are a fab match with the model’s hair. The mismatched cognac booties complement these earth tones. The dark blue skinnies amp up the classic look of the outfit, and cool the warmth of the earth tones. Again, I love the length of knee-length and knee-covering coats. Graceful to my eye, and extra warm on the legs. An earth-toned or navy bag is a lovely subtle addition. Personally, I’d add an unsubtle bright red bag to the mix. Maybe you’d prefer a burgundy one.

Earth Tones and Denim

2. Chocolate and Denim

Chocolate brown is having an on-trend fashion moment, and was sorely missed by Team Brown. It’s a very versatile neutral, and well worth stocking up on if it’s your thing. It might disappear for a decade like it did the last time. Don’t let it get away! Here, dark blue jeans are paired with a creamy white chocolate turtleneck. The lot is topped with a dark brown puffer that matches the model’s hair. Black cowboy boots work well with the dark colours of the outfit. I’d have preferred to see dark brown boots. That would look fresher with the chocolate puffer, to my eye. Black boots are fab too, though.

Chocolate and Denim

4. Black, Cream and Red

Last, red is not a neutral, yet black, red, and tones of white is one of the most classic colour combinations of all. Black jeans are paired with a patterned blouse in the classic palette. A cream complement of boxy coat and big sneakers adds a layer of practical warmth. The red beanie adds a punchy finishing touch. The creams in the outfit are effective with the platinum blonde hair of the model. I see a cream bag and pearl earrings.

Black Cream and Red