I love plaids, or checks, gingham and tartan as I am used to calling the pattern. They are an iconic geometric classic. We see a large influx of them every year, especially in Autumn and Winter. Plaids can be loud or subtle, small or large, neutral or non-neutral, quiet or loud, and I adore them all. I wear them in all wardrobe items across neutrals and non-neutrals, and throughout the year. There is something playful about a plaid that makes me happy.

Here are five plaid outfit ideas that tickled my fancy. They each include a plaid item or two, and showcase interesting outfit components, silhouettes, and colour combinations.

1. Electric Earthy Windowpane

This outfit shows a clever remix of colour, pattern, texture and shine. A pair of relaxed straight taupe windowpane crops is paired with a heathered light cinnamon sweater. Stompy black boots match the model’s hair and dress down the vibe of the pants. A shiny short and sporty bright orange puffer tops the lot, and an even shinIer olive nylon tote is the choice of bag. Neither olive nor orange are repeated elsewhere in the outfit, yet they complement the sweater and pants.

Electric Earthy Windowpane

2. Check Squared

Here, the same two-toned plaid patterns that differ only in scale and colour are worn together in an outfit. The black in both patterns and the rest of the outfit creates visual harmony. A cinnamon and black checked tiered skirt is paired with a black tucked sweater. The tuck lengthens the leg line from the hips upward and defines the waist. An unstructured black barn jacket tops the lot. Its open front creates a vertical and elongating line down the front of the outfit. Black stompy boots match the black of the outfit and dress down the skirt. The black and white plaid scarf adds a dramatic and interesting effect, which makes the look to my eye.

Check Squared

3. Fab Frocks and Skirts

For Team Plaid Dress and Skirt, here is more outfit inspiration. Notably, check out the various styles of footwear. From sandals, ballet fiats, Mary Janes, and pumps, to sneakers, booties, and tall boots. Take your pick.

Plank Midi-skirt
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Pleated Plaid Skirt
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Wool Wrap Coat
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4. Equestrian

For those who like to tuck skinnies into tall boots equestrian style, here’s a maximal outfit formula to consider. Choose any colour palette. Combine a fitted turtleneck with a blazer and belt the layered items at the waist. Wear them over skinny jeans tucked into tall boots. Here the brown belt matches the tall boots, creating outfit cohesion. Drape a plaid poncho, wrap, or ruana over the lot. Add a bag to match. If it’s a crossbody, wear it under the poncho and over the blazer. Alternatively, for a simpler version, leave off the belt, wear flat riding boots, and drape a plaid scarf over the blazer.


5. Strong and Subtle

Last is a version for those who prefer quiet plaids. I’m very fond of the combination of silhouettes and white loafers here, and would wear the clothes in a palette that is more to my taste. A pair of wide cropped olive barrel pants is combined with a fluid and tucked black sweater. Tucking the sweater defines the waist. A short grey and black plaid bomber-esque jacket with stand-up collar tops the lot. Refined and polished white loafers add a crisp, unexpected, and modern touch. To my eye they make the look, but you might prefer black loafers to match the top. Add a bag that works with the palette of the outfit. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Strong and Subtle

Who bats for Team Plaid?