You are on Team Change if you like to change up your look. You are on Team Same if you prefer your look to the stay same from day to day, season to season, or year to year.

As I picked a team for this poll, I enjoyed reflecting about how my style has changed daily, seasonally, and yearly. I also thought about my style through the decades. The result is that I can’t pick a side. I like change, but not too much change, and not at all at once. 

Some components of my look have stayed the same for decades. Sour brights, white bottoms, pearls, blue denim, shirts, polo shirts, high necklines, statement bags, blonde hair, classic silhouettes, classic patterns, short jackets, dressy looks, flats, refined footwear, minimal jewellery, and a certain amount of structure — these are all part of my signature style. I enjoy wearing outfits that are pretty, playful, practical, polished, and a little retro. This is reflected in my day-to-day style. My make-up routine has  stayed the same for forty-five years.

Other components of my style have changed daily, seasonally, yearly, and through the decades. Weather permitting, I like to switch up between pants, jeans, dresses, skirts, and the occasional jumpsuit frequently. That way, I don’t feel bored with my style. I wear as many non-neutrals as neutrals, and am perpetually combining colours in new ways. I tend to keep my bottoms and eyewear trendy, so those aspects change the most frequently. I change outfit proportions and fits as I adopt trends that tickle my fancy. My hairstyle goes through big and small changes. I used to wear solid black, but switched to solid navy. I go through stages of wearing more solids than patterns, and vice versa. Some seasons, I’m more in the mood to pattern mix than others.

I like to change up my look, and keep it the same. The changes pander to my need to feel refreshed, current, modern, and energized. The sameness keeps my style grounded. I am benched.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Change or Team Same? Tell us why, and no batting for both teams. Feel free to join me on the bench where I’m serving Beyond Beef meatballs in sundried tomato sauce, baked broccoli cheese casserole with a cayenne pepper kick, cauliflower mash, and a flourless brownie with chocolate sauce and ice cream.