In 2015 we introduced a way for members to make a completely optional monthly contribution of $8 to support YLF and enjoy an ad-free experience. In 2017 we made YLF ad-free for all visitors, regardless of whether they were a patron or not. 

We have been very happy with the decision to remove ads. It gives us more control of the experience, increases the speed that pages load, and increases your privacy by eliminating the tracking cookies that come along with the ads.

Ads do generate income and removing them has made us more dependent on other sources of revenue. If you haven’t yet done so, you can make a big difference by becoming a patron. It is completely optional and you should only do so if it is something you can easily afford. The price has remained the same since we launched the program in 2015: you can choose $8 monthly or $96 for the year.

Note becoming a patron is completely optional. Non-patrons still get access to the blog, forum and finds features as before.

In order to become a patron, please visit the signup page. Click or tap the “Become a Patron” button to enter your payment details. We use the well-known payment service Stripe to handle all credit card transactions (we do not store your credit card details on YLF servers). The contributions will start immediately, and you can go to your profile page to manage your payment details.

Charges are automatic, and you can cancel the monthly contribution at any time. We humbly thank our current YLF Patrons for their ongoing loyal support. You make a difference that is very much appreciated.