“Skin streaming”, or cutting down your skincare routine to just the essentials, is having a moment on TikTok. In this article, dermatologists explain the benefits of this new trend, and name the three products they would recommend as essential.

In “#GetReadyWithMe — how social media came for our bathroom cabinets,” The Guardian charts 15 years of shelfies, sinks and skincare.

Allure asked 11 climate activists how they make their beauty routines more sustainable.

Fab Links from Our Members

Runcarla found this new-to-her vlogger, Ellena Hue, who does a lot with colour in a super instructive way. She adds: “I learned something from this video on how to work with monochromatics.”

Carol has been thinking about ironing: “How I’ve been meaning to do it for years, but really don’t. So I thought, what are the absolute essential items you need to iron, if not everything?” Here are some suggestions.

Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 2024 Women’s Show has brought forward all the graceful, distant, and slightly melancholic elegance of the late 1920s/early 1930s… and married it to 2024. The models look like they’ve stepped out of a Maxfield Parrish Edison Mazda calendar, and Mary Beth loves that all of the outfits look so wearable — and comfortable.

Helena liked this breakdown of different approaches to wardrobe management.

5 Things Your Closet Needs That Aren’t New Clothes.” kkards loves how Alyssa Beltempo has laid these principles out. And how clearly she draws them together at the end. She says: As I was watching I was thinking about Angie’s style nuggets, and as Alyssa was getting to her last “item” — confidence — I was immediately drawn back to this blog post.”