A personal style that makes you feel comfortable and happy, and is an authentic expression of who you are, will also make you feel more confident when you present yourself to the world. That confidence, in turn, will make you look and feel more attractive. Find the factors that contribute most to your confidence, and fine-tune them as you progress on your style journey. 

Style is Confident

Find colours that project an energized calm when you look in the mirror. Choose silhouettes and outfit proportions that follow your personal set of figure-flattering proportions. Play to your strengths. Make sure there is outfit structure and fluidity in all the right places. Make sure that fabrics and fits allow you to move and get on with the tasks at hand. Consider the weather and make choices that will keep your internal thermostat happy. Consider the appropriateness of the outfit for the setting. Create a daily grooming regimen that makes you feel good about your skin, facial features, hands, feet and hair.

Express yourself. Follow your feelings and trust your instincts. Remember that you know best what makes you feel the most confident.