The fits, lengths and proportions of the items in these four outfits look particularly good to my eye. And they are fairly easy to replicate. If they tickle your fancy, create a similar outfit that works for your style in colours and patterns of your choice. Some combinations are great to wear now, while others will work as the weather cools.

1. Bootcuts, Boots and Breezy Blouse

These gorgeous bootcuts are a stunning fit and leg-lengthening length at about a quarter of an inch off the ground. Almost floor-skimming, but not quite. The jeans are fitted on the thighs, but ease up before the kneecap, elegantly flaring at the hems. Pointy-toe footwear further elongates the leg line. The blouse has a swingy silhouette that floats away from the body. It is voluminous but not overly so. Forgiving because it does not cling. Fab that it looks great worn untucked, and has a playful integrity too. The length finishes a couple of inches above crotch point, which further tempers its volume.

Bootcuts, Boots and Breezy Blouse

2. Belted Sweater Dress with Cropped Pants

Dresses and skirts over pants is having a fashion moment, and here is one way to pull it together. A straight sweater dress at knee-length is combined with a pair of black cropped cigarette pants. A black belt adds waist definition and matches the black pants. Classic white sneakers with black trim add a Sporty Luxe touch. A dressy black bag amps up the polish and matches the black belt. I like the way the black accents in the outfit match the black hair of the model.

Belted Sweater Dress with Cropped Pants

2. Wide Pants, Short Jacket

Wide flowing pants can look overwhelming, especially in a bold pattern. A fitted top is combined with these pants to offset some volume. It’s tucked to create more waist definition. A very boxy jacket matches the volume of the pants. The short length of the jacket is key to offsetting the volume of the pants so that you don’t feel like you’re wearing a tent over a tent. The hems of the pants are shorter than puddle length to prevent a potential tripping hazard.

Wide Pants, Short Jacket

4. Columned Midi, Socks and Mary Janes

A boxy column dress at a midi length is combined with heeled and high-contrast Mary Jane pumps. Patterned checkerboard statement socks amplify the high contrast of the footwear, and pattern mix with the dress. The just-below-knee-covering dress and high ankle socks showcase leg skin, which adds an edge and a horizontal line to the outfit. The heels of the shoes offset that horizontal line a bit. But what is more visually effective to my eye, is how merrily the patterns mix because they share a strong colour (black) and geometric integrity. The model’s black hair helps too. The result is a bold harmony. I vote the addition of a quiet black or navy bag.

Columned Midi Socks and Mary Janes