This week’s Link Love is for the knitters and fans of home-made knitwear:

Fab Links from Our Members

In this video, Sarah Jessica Parker details the stories of her Met Gala gowns. Carol says: “I love when a celebrity stands for something, and for her it’s honouring great design.”

Jaime had been thinking of the role of taste in personal style when she saw this article.

BlueJay liked this article about the female actors and performers that have shaved their heads over the years. She remembers how sensational it was when Sinéad O’Connor and Demi Moore shaved their heads.

Allora liked this post: “How to Dress Over 50. Hint: Don’t Make It a Thing.

“Developing your personal style is a lifelong journey and it is not a race despite what you see and hear.” Nuancedream really found this article about how micro trends may be impeding our personal style thought-provoking.

Quietloud loved seeing the original supermodels back together. Which led her to watch this 1995 documentary.

Suntiger recommends this article about “boring” clothes.

She also found “How to Embrace Trends While Staying True to Yourself” a good read.

And she enjoyed Jo-Lynne’s post on outfit proportions and the golden ratio.

Here are seven colour combinations for Autumn and Winter that could inspire your style. Angie’s into the red with tones of caramel! Teal and buttermilk might appeal to Team Teal.

She also reports that tall boots and biker boots are trending. Angie thinks of biker boots as an iconic classic that is having its fashion moment.

Rachylou thought the part about the development of women’s sizes in this episode of Radiolab was super interesting .

JenniNZ has been following Jill Chivers, and really liked this post about the real difference between fashion and style.

What happens to all the items we return? This article isn’t about clothes per se, but UmmLila thought it very interesting.

April enjoyed Wirecutter’s review of women’s white T-shirts.