An unexpected timepiece is trending, the Met’s new Fall exhibition, microscopic bag, high demand for vintage Gap clothing, the death of Jane Birkin, and other other fashion news that made headlines this month.

Fashion Quote

Photographer Jannine Newman doesn’t like having her photograph taken. I have a feeling what she wrote in her Instagram post, will strike a chord with many of us:

“I guess I feel my age sometimes. I try to balance it with, ‘you’re still alive, just get over yourself,’ but you know, I’m just human and sometimes I struggle a bit. So here is my message to the older woman. You are marvellous and you have a voice. You are not washed up or worthless, and if you look back at your life, no matter what came your way, children or not, love or not, career or not, the greatest gift you can give yourself is respect, for having navigated the highs and the lows, the tributaries and storms of life, and realise that it’s not about the lines on your face or the slightly wider waist, but it’s about respecting your fortitude and strength as a woman.”