Shades of green are especially popular with our forum and my clientele this year. From soft mints, sages, mid-tone greens, bright emerald, Kelly green, and lime, to earthy olives, avocado, fern, forest green, and teal. Here are some simple ways to combine greens with other greens, or with neutrals. 

1. Green with Black and White

Think of ways to combine greens with black. You might want to throw in some white too. For example, combine black tops with green bottoms, or green bottoms with black tops. Or wear a pattern in the palette. The collection shows some examples.

Here a long Summer patterned wrap skirt in green, black and tan is combined with a boxy and fluid black tee. The short length of the tee is key to creating flattering proportions to my eye. The cropped length means you don’t need to tuck or semi-tuck it for structure, which is easier, and often more comfortable. It also lengthens the leg line from the hips upward. Simple gold sandals are the polished finishing touch. Add a bag that works with the palette. A gorgeous and comfy look for a Summer’s day.

Green with Black and White

2. Sporty Pastel

Here’s a simple look made of wardrobe essentials and a statement topper. Combine a pair of skinny or straight leg blue jeans with a casual black top like a tee, sweatshirt, or sweater. Pop a pair of white fashion sneakers on your feet. Top the lot off with a celery anorak, or the like. The quilted tan tote is a fun neutral addition.

Sporty Pastel

3. Earthy Sage

If you like to keep your palettes soft, calm, and subtle, this might be of interest. Greyed sage greens can look lovely with tans, oatmeals and toffees. Here, a pair of trendy tan trousers is combined with a sage blouse. It has an oatmeal turtleneck layered underneath it, but feel free to skip that part. The blouse is tucked to showcase the waist detail of the pants. A shimmery sage bomber jacket tops the lot, adding a casual touch. Dressy shoes match the dressy trousers. Nice juxtaposition.

Earthy Sage

4. Bright

Last is my favourite since I like my greens bright and enjoy a neon touch. A pair of Kelly green wide leg jeans at the new shorter full length that graze the vamp of the feet is combined with a mid-tone mint very fluid blouse. It’s tucked to offset its volume. A gigantic neon necklace has a scarf-like function in the outfit adding a dramatic and punchy effect. It matches the lime platform sandals on the model’s feet. The iridescent silver bag adds textural shine. A glorious combination of greens!